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Our Services

Competition Entry

At RAMM we are proud of our ability to secure our athletes into competitions around the world. With our contacts in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia, we are able to find the best suited competition for each individual athlete. 

Elite Athlete Development and Guidance

At RAM&M we work closely with international training centers around the world to find the best suited environment for our athletes to live and train. 

At RAM&M we are focused on a long term approach to success where an athlete can develop over time and have a prolonged career. 

Part of athlete development is not limited to competition and practice. We advise our athletes on media and public speaking etiquette of all platforms. 

Endorsement/Contract Negotiation 

At RAM&M we work closely to develop a relationship between the athlete and major shoe and apparel companies. 

At RAM&M we make an effort to negotiate appearance fees for our athletes at competitions and events. 

Financial Management/Investments

At RAM&M we help our athletes learn and understand that the life of an athlete is just a chapter in their lives. What is done and accomplished in this chapter can determine​ the different avenues of life. 

It is important to make smart financial decisions when being an athlete. We guide our athletes to prepare for life during their athletic career and then after into retirement. Our job at RAM&M continues even after an athlete reaches retirement. 

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